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Intensive – full days, consecutive days

Semi-intensive – 1 or 2 full days per week

Half time – mornings or afternoons, every day

Half time spred – 1 or 2 mornings or afternoons per week

Intensive evening18:00 / 22:00 every day

Evening spread18:00 / 22:00 1 or 2 times a week

Or any other time/calendar  combination



ISO 21500 – Guidance on project management

PMBOK​ – A guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMI)
ICB​ – Individual Competence Baseline (IPMA)
P5 – Standard for Sustainability in Project Management (GPM)
PM2 – Project Management Methodology Guide (EU)

SCRUM Aliance​




Probably the best known and most used Project Management simulator, it is an online simulator that enables the development of central project management competencies, as well as teamwork and leadership skills, in a pleasant way.

With a wide variety of scenarios to choose from and available
in several languages, it can be used in pure simulation/competition mode in 1/2 day or 1 day, or integrated into any more comprehensive course format.

It is played by teams of 4, with no limit to the number of teams.

Real-time strategy

Imagine you are managing an investment of millions in a portfolio of innovative projects. What if you were challenged to do so while facing dynamic change, difficult personalities and competing goals? What if everything was happening in a business environment, accelerated, but with minimal risk and optimizing results?

Strategy Catalyst invites participants to develop practical competencies in the execution of corporate strategy through careful selection, prioritization and efficient delivery of a portfolio of high-risk innovative projects.

The simulator involves up to 15 participants with a duration of 7 hours.



What if an entrepreneur spent hundreds of millions of dollars,
negotiated with several international governments and
adapted years of challenging negotiations in one day?

Stakeholder Catalyst is a revolutionary way to develop real,
practical competencies in business and project management.
Based on the idea of a “game” paradigm, our intervention
programme abandons the traditional theoretical approach to
focus on true knowledge transfer.

The simulator involves up to 15 participants with a duration of 7 hours

Depending on the needs and objectives of each client, each in-house course can be completely customised by choosing the topics to be covered.

Depending on the scope of the course, it is also possible to include any (or all) of the international certifications in Project Management.

Courses with a certain size and transversality and including certification can be transformed into Executive Postgraduate Degrees with the attribution of ECTs, through our university partner organisations.

Although a modular view of the course is presented, in practice it will always be structured by integrating the contents of the various modules into a common thread, always with a practical approach to
experiential training and integrating the principles of BYOP.

PM101Project Management 101 – 14h

An introductory course addressing the main referentials and techniques of Project Management, where the techniques are treated in a practical way.


CPGP – Practical Course on Project Management  35h

Incorporando hard skills e soft skills, os participantes, em equipa, concebem um projecto no qual vão trabalhando ao longo curso e onde vão aplicando as principais técnicas de Gestão de Projectos.


GPP – Project Management with Microsoft Project  35h

Focused on hard skills and using Microsoft Project as a support tool, participants, as a team, design a project in which they work throughout the course and where they apply the main Project Management techniques.


PMPrep – Preparation for the certification exam  40h

Specific course to prepare for the PMP - Project Management Professional certification exam of PMI - Project Management Institute.


IPMAprep – Preparation for the IPMA-APOGEP level D certification exam  28h

Specific preparation course for the IPMA-APOGEP (International Project Management Association / Portuguese Association for Project Management) level D certification exam.


GPMprep – Preparation for the GPM-b certification exam  14h

Specific course to prepare for the GPM-b certification exam - Certified Green Project Manager.


WPRisk – Risk Management Workshop  7h

In one day, using a practical case, participants will create a risk response plan that they can take with them to serve as a template for future projects.


SCGP – Scrum - An agile approach for projects  14h

Today, agile methods are being used in project management in all kinds of organisations. Scrum is the best known and most used. This training course provides an introduction to the agile approach and Scrum methodology.


NEGP – Negotiation in project environment  14h

Provide an in-depth understanding of the adequate negotiation model for project management. Incorporate technical, behavioural and contextual competences appropriate to the project's negotiation environment. 


PRiSMf – PRiSM Foundations: Sustainable Project Management (GPM)  7h

An introduction to sustainability in Project Management and the PRiSM (PRojects integrating Sustainable Methods) methodology of GPM - Green Project Management.


PRiSMp – PRiSM Practicioner: Sustainable Project Management (GPM)  21h

A hands-on course on sustainability and project management, using the PRiSM (PRojects integrating Sustainable Methods) methodology of GPM - Green Project Management.


CGGP – Executive Post-Graduation in Project Management  140h

In partnership with the Autónoma Academy of UAL, a very complete and fully practical course, involving several trainers and addressing hard and soft skills in an integrated way, where trainees work as a team in a project throughout the whole course.


PGGPS – Executive Post-Graduation in Sustainable Project Management  160h

A course like the PGGP, but also integrating the sustainability component.


OKR and Projects – Focus on what matters 8h

Through the development of adaptive strategies, learn to create value with your initiatives and adapt to changing scenarios in an uncertain environment.


RISK CANVAS – Visual risk management 8h

Develop collaborative and effective risk management techniques for your Projects and your company.


HPM – Hybrid Project Management 16h

Review the fundamentals of traditional, agile project management and learn how to combine the two approaches and develop hybrid practices to create value and optimise results.


SCRUM with Trello 8h

Get to know the basics of the SCRUM Framework and learn how to perform your activities through the Trello online collaborative work tool.

Enhancing Success  – Effective communication and resolution of key situations in a Project environment   14h and deep training version 28h
The course focuses on essential aspects of the communication dynamics of any project. From exercises and simulation of situations created to recreate the difficulties and critical aspects in a project environment, fundamental competences for any project manager and for professionals who are part of multidisciplinary project teams are trained and developed. Deep training version (more simulations and exploration of situations with filming and corrective visualization) - 28 hours .
Guiding and developing project teams   14h
Como criar e aperfeiçoar o How to create and improve the performance of project teams to the desired standards to achieve success? A workshop focused on strategies and vectors of development to guide people in order to sustain success in achieving the desired results. .
WorkshopLeading without Formal Authority   14h
An effective project manager will adjust and must be able to lead the people involved in the most diverse situations, including contexts where he or she has no formal authority. This requires the acquisition, application and development of key interpersonal competencies to support their leadership practices. .
Workshop – Creative techniques applied to problem solving   14h
Knowing how to apply some of the main creativity techniques aimed at identification, solving problems, making decisions and generating and testing solutions, can really make a difference in the performance of a project team and in the improvement of the Organization in which it fits. .
Workshop – Managing emotions, motivations and conflicts in a project environment  14h
Emotional intelligence, personal development and interpersonal relationships dimensions are addressed, including the stimulation of motivational processes to achieve the desired results for the projects. Exercises and experiential simulations are also developed in order to address, explore alternatives and overcome situations of conflict and divergence which often threaten the success of projects.

LVNSales and Negotiation Laboratory - Commercial fit with spin selling skills
The Pomegranate LVN is divided into 3 areas:
  1. Integrated sales and negotiation course, divided into several modules, based on the tripod: what we do, how we feel, how we do it
  2. Thematic and/or sectoral sales and/or negotiation courses
  3. Consultancy and coaching to sales teams
ComArg – Communication and argumentation  7h
Development of the emotional and technical environment with the product/service, using practical exercises and simulations .
TCDCCommunication and argumentation  7h
This course has the objective to analyze and work in a practical way the sales funnel, in order to increase the rate of commercial success and customer loyalty .
CrossUpCross and up selling techniques in face-to-face and online sales   7h
Stratify the offer of products/services in relation to the needs/desires of the customers, turning the negotiation into a success, in a very practical way by identifying products of direct and marginal cross .
ANP – Presentation and negotiation of proposals  14h
Preparation and training of a negotiation, based on practical exercises and role plays .
PVFC – Post-sales and customer loyalty 7h
It aims to increase customer loyalty by working on objections, expectations and complaints, through processes that increase the effective rate of loyalty .
NEGSuccessful negotiation  14h
Practical course that covers the various phases and techniques of negotiation, oriented towards success, based on the preparation and role play of a negotiation .
VDDirect sales   14h
Aims to train the selling based on the triangle product / service, customer satisfaction and profitability of the company .
VTTelephone sales  14h
Through practical methodologies, implement procedures and apply tools that optimize sales, using the telephone channel in and out bound